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Spring 2020 Newsletter

Spring greetings to everyone from the Valley Falls Police Department. We hope that this message finds everyone healthy and safe!  These are challenging times for everyone and the Valley Falls Police Department is adapting to the current COVID-19 situation in order to continue to provide essential law enforcement services to this community.

Throughout the course of this pandemic, we will remain fully functional to respond to emergencies and calls for service. But we must prioritize our efforts and modify or suspend certain functions to help prevent any of us from falling victim to illness and impacting our ability to serve others. Kansas Governor Laura Kelly issued Executive Order 20-16, making Kansas the 22nd state in the nation to institute a temporary, statewide stay-home order. It will exist in conjunction with the Kansas Essential Function Framework for COVID-19 response efforts and it took effect at 12:01 a.m. on Monday, March 30th. The measure will be in place at least until Sunday, April 19th. Under Executive Order 20-16, Kansans are directed to stay home unless performing one of the following essential activities:
- Obtaining food, medicine and other household necessities;
- Going to and from work at a business or organization performing an essential function as identified in the Kansas
  Essential Function Framework;
- Seeking medical care;
- Caring for children, family members or pets, or caring for a vulnerable person in another location.

This also includes; engaging in an outdoor activity, provided individuals maintain a distance of six feet from one another and abide by the 10-person limitation on gathering size.  During the time that this order is in place, The Valley Falls Police Department may encounter people who are not following these directives. Violation of this order is a Class A misdemeanor - K.S.A 48-939 and we can cite someone in Jefferson County Court. We expect that everyone will be making every effort to avoid an enforcement situation. Visit kdheks.gov/coronavirus for additional virus-related information.

Valley Falls USD 338 school property has been closed to non-essential people, including the playgrounds and the football stadium and track. We have been requested by the school district administrators to police these areas and have people leave if they are found to be there. Violators who remain in defiance of a warning are subject to being charged with criminal trespass.

Under certain circumstances, we may take a report over the telephone or request that you provide us with information via our website on-line reporting form

Kansas Governor Kelly signed Executive Order 20-12 which extends deadlines for expiring Kansas driver's licenses and license plates until 60 days after the expiration of the Executive Order which is undetermined at this time.

- Driver's licenses expiring on or after March 12, 2020 are extended for 60 days beyond the date when the Executive Order expires.
- Sixty-day temporary license tags issued on or after January 1, 2020 remain valid until the Executive Order expires.
- License plates are extended for 60 days beyond the date when the Executive Order expires.

This order, in no way, makes it legal for anyone to drive on a suspended or revoked driver's license or to utilize a license plate from a different vehicle on a vehicle that has expired registration!

Until further notice, the department will not be offering vehicle identification number inspections. I have notified the Kansas Highway Patrol that we have suspended this service until KHP resumes their providing of this service.

To assist those folks in this community that are elderly, handicapped or who are high risk for COVID-19, the Valley Falls Police Department can be contacted and we will do our best to make arrangements, when on duty, to make deliveries of essentials - prescriptions and groceries. People will need to contact the police department first to schedule a time for the delivery and then contact the business to place a pre-paid order for the products or items needed. A police officer will then, as soon as possible, make a delivery to the door of a residence.  We will ring the doorbell or knock on the door and then leave.  Do not place an order with a business and then expect the police department to be available. Again, this assistance will be accomplished during on-duty time and as soon as possible when other police activity is not being conducted.

The community is counting on us and our continuous efforts and we need everyone's support and cooperation! Please, be patient during the current circumstances and be a responsible citizen in doing the right thing while taking care of yourself and others. And as always, do not hesitate to call on us and thank you for the opportunity to help keep you and your property

Marcus F. Koch - Chief of Police
Valley Falls Police Department

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Marcus Koch
Chief of Police


Valley Falls Police Department
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Frequently Asked Questions

When should I report a crime?

At the time! - When you see or hear it!

Why are VIN inspections required by the State of Kansas?

To protect consumers, discourage auto theft, and prevent the trafficking of stolen auto parts, the Motor Vehicle Enforcement (MVE) program conducts inspections on certain vehicles before they receive a Kansas title and registration. 

Statistics from the Federal Bureau of Investigation indicate that nearly 1.2 million vehicles, costing more than $7.5 billion dollars, are stolen nationwide each year. More than 30% of these stolen vehicles are never recovered.

What are the circumstances in which a VIN inspection is required?

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) Inspections are required in Kansas if:

  • A vehicle has a title from a state other than Kansas or a foreign country
  • A vehicle has been assembled, reconstructed, reconstituted, or restored from 1 or more vehicles
  • The proper identification number of a vehicle is in doubt

This inspection must be completed before the Kansas Department of Revenue will issue a license tag or title for the vehicle.

The VIN inspections are conducted by trained law enforcement personnel employed by the Kansas Highway Patrol or designated law enforcement agencies across the state.