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                                                                                                                    POSITION DESCRIPTION


Police Officer


Employee’s Name:                                                      Department: Police

Title: Police Officer                                                    Location:

Full Time:______A.M.-______P.M.                          Pay Grade: Entry Level – Grade/Step

Immediate Supervisor: Police Chief

Educational Requirements Equivalent to the completion of the twelfth grade and completion of basic police training at accredited law enforcement academy.

Required License & Permits:

Supervision: Supervise part-time officers as directed.

Hazards: Work in an office or emergency peace control environment; may work in intense life-threatening conditions; exposure to dangerous persons, firearms, bodily fluids, and noise; may be exposed to emergency and disaster situations; may work in stressful situations.

OVERVIEW OF POSITION (Describes the general scope of the position):

To perform a variety of duties in the enforcement of laws and the prevention of crimes; to control traffic flow and enforce State and local traffic regulations; to perform investigation activities; and to perform a variety of technical tasks in support of the Police Department.


Essential duties and responsibilities


       1.       General:        Patrol the city to preserve law and order, discover and prevent the commission of crimes; enforce traffic and other laws and ordinances; take proactive measures to deter the commission of crime; conduct undercover activities to gather intelligence about the conduct of crime or criminal activities in the City of Valley Falls.  Respond to general public service calls and complaints including domestic disturbances, civil complaints, property control, automobile accidents, robberies, and related misdemean­or and felony incidents.  Enforce traffic laws and ordinances; check speed with radar; issue warnings and citations.

                  2.       Direct traffic as necessary at emergency or extraordinary incidents. 

                  3.  Contact and cooperate with other law enforcement agencies in matters relating to the      

         apprehension of offenders and the investigation of offenses.  Maintain contact with  

         citizens regarding potential law enforcement problems and preserve good relationships            

         with the general public; take an active role in areas of public education relative to crime      

         and crime prevention; make public presenta­tions as assigned.  Investigate crimes; gather

                 and preserve evidence; interview victims, complainants and witnesses; identify and

         interrogate suspects; apprehend and arrest offenders; testify and present evidence and      

           testify in court.

 4.               Reports:     Prepare reports on arrests made, activities performed, and unusual

              incidents observed.

                      5.               Prisoners:   Maintain custody of prisoners; transfer prisoners to holding        


                      6.              Physical Ability:     Maintain physical condition appropriate to the   

                  performance of assigned duties and responsibilities which may include the following:

                       7.              Effectively deal with personal danger which may include exposure

                       8.            All other Duties as Required or Assigned:    Perform such other duties as from time to time may be necessary or assigned, to insure the operation of the City of Valley Falls and its compliance with any and all applicable laws, rules or regulations.