Monday, December 10, 2018

Valley Falls, Kansas. Historic town with vision for the future. 

Just after the opening of Kansas territory in 1854, frontier entrepreneurs found a falls on the Grasshopper River that they believed would serve well in powering a mill. Mills would be replaced by elevators and for a century, grinding agricultural produce and serving the farm community was the main commerce. Grasshopper Falls would be platted in 1855 and incorporated in 1869. The grasshopper invasion of the 1870s was devastating and not a good promotional tool for a new and aspiring town. Aided by Legislature, the name of the river was changed to the Delaware (an American Native tribe most dominant in the region) and the twice more named town, eventually became Valley Falls.

  • December 6 Birthdays

    December 6 Birthdays

  • December 1 Birthdays

    December 1 Birthdays

  • Evening Duck

    Evening Duck

  • Delaware Pointe

    Delaware Pointe

  • VF Pool at Delaware Poin

    VF Pool at Delaware Poin

  • 2018 Swim

    2018 Swim

  • Lessons 2018

    Lessons 2018

  • 2018 Swim Lessons

    2018 Swim Lessons

  • 2018 Lessons

    2018 Lessons

  • Mayors remarks

    Mayors remarks

  • Duck Slide Fun

    Duck Slide Fun

  • Delaware Place

    Delaware Place

  • 2018 Tree Planting

    2018 Tree Planting

  • 2018


  • New Pool

    New Pool

  • new park donation

    new park donation

  • Pool Aug 2017

    Pool Aug 2017

  • Smoke House

    Smoke House

  • Davis Softball Field

    Davis Softball Field

  • Rush Field

    Rush Field

  • Lowry and Johnson

    Lowry and Johnson

  • Heinen Apt

    Heinen Apt

  • VF City Hall

    VF City Hall

  • Sunset Haven

    Sunset Haven

  • StewartsOldStore


  • Delaware Township Hall

    Delaware Township Hall

  • Pastense Pretense

    Pastense Pretense

  • Broadway


  • Linwood Place

    Linwood Place

  • Tree Park

    Tree Park

  • G&M Lawns

    G&M Lawns

  • Historic Lutheran Church

    Historic Lutheran Church

  • Haug

    Haug's Pond

  • Welcome to Valley Falls (Copy)

    Welcome to Valley Falls (Copy)

  • Water Tower

    Water Tower

  • Gazebo


  • Scene Uptown Valley Falls

    Scene Uptown Valley Falls

  • Gazebo in Spring

    Gazebo in Spring

  • Monument at Hurst Tower

    Monument at Hurst Tower

  • Rosehill Cemetery

    Rosehill Cemetery

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417 Broadway

Valley Falls, Kansas 66088


Phone 785-945-6612

FAX    785-945-3341

Email – City Clerk – Administrator – Police Dept. - Chief of Police – Water Dept.

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